The Melton’s are getting ready to add a baby boy to their family of four (two fur babies), and I was honored to capture their preparation with a maternity photography session. I’ve had the pleasure of capturing their engagement and wedding, and now their next phase of life together. Since they are fans of my lifestyle photography, we decided to have a hybrid session that combines lifestyle and documentary family photography.

What to Document during a Maternity Photography Session

You might think there isn’t much to capture of a couple around the house preparing for their first baby, but I beg to differ. Their life is about to do a total 180 and now is the time to capture what their home life was like before baby. The organized house, the items that aren’t necessarily baby-friendly, the last few quiet moments together as just partners; there is so much to appreciate about these final few weeks before d(elivery)-day. It’s also a great time to catch some nesting that both mom and dad do in the weeks before baby’s arrival.

The Lifestyle Portion of the Maternity Photography Session

Once the crib was built and massages complete, we headed to downtown Winter Park for the lifestyle portion of Nick and Elle’s maternity session. A lifestyle session pre-kids is pretty easy. You walk together, snuggle, whisper sweet nothings in each other’s ear…and then laugh hysterically at how corny you’re being. It’s just like your engagement session or wedding day only you want your belly to stand out in the pictures….well, one belly anyway.

Here are some of my favorites from the in-home documentary portion of their session. To learn more about how we combine both styles into one fun session, fill out our contact form!