Family Fun in Historic Winter Garden

I love a good scavenger hunt! It’s fun to do, especially if there are a few easy ones for the kids to try to find too!

I’ve put one together for Orlando (specifically Winter Garden) locals. See if you can find them all! (Hint: they are all within 2 blocks of Plant St, in historic downtown Winter Garden)

  1. Not a brick, but a block. From a city above the FL-GA line, but now found below your feet
  2. A street that grows on you
  3. A place where you can Verb for Noun
  4. A place to find the holy fruit 
  5. A sign that you can breathe freely
  6. It’s not a straight shot to a good time, but you can brew up some fun!
  7. A place for your dog to grab a drink
  8. A place to grow your love of the arts
  9. The only full-sized mural within 250 feet of the fountain 
  10. A place to freshen your windows and your clothes
  11. Where Olaf might go in summer if he were allowed off Disney’s Mainstreet
  12. Find five vintage fruit label style signs (and it can’t be during the Farmer’s Market)

If you’re reading this during the month of July 2019, I’m running a promotion for anyone that finishes the scavenger hunt and sends me a picture of each of their finds via Instagram Stories (you will find this same list in my Highlights). When you complete the hunt, your name will be entered in a drawing for a $250 gift card good towards photography services or a premier product.