A Documentary Vacation Photographer roams Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World with her family and here are just a few images:

Exploring Batuu

Full disclosure: I have yet to watch a Star Wars movie completely through. I know- don’t hate me! As a child I remember bits and pieces of them, and we owned the original three on VHS, but my sister and I never put them in to really watch them.

Fast forward to adulthood and having a husband who enjoys the franchise. Instead of catching me up on the previously released movies, he goes to see the new movies with friends and I will get to experience it for the first time when our boys become old enough to watch the movies. Something we can all share together.

So, all that being said, was I able to appreciate our sneak peek at the new Galaxy’s Edge land in Disney’s Hollywood Studios? Um, YEAH! It was amazing! I had to catch an image or two of everyone of my guys reacting to something that truly put them in a state of wonder. And there is just so much of that as you walk around Batuu. It is a vacation photographer’s dream!

My husband is big on not spoiling things for others, so I’m only posting a few images from our time there. Even the picture I included of the Hidden Mickey inside Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run is from a somewhat cryptic angle so as to not give it away.

I was so happy that my little one was able to enjoy the ride with the rest of us, having just surpassed the 38″ height requirement. He got to co-pilot the Falcon with daddy the first time we flew. The second time through we switched and I flew with our older son.

Here is a tip: if you are a party of two, you will need to speak with the families around you and try to team up with a party of four early enough that will let you mix up the roles inside the ship if you want a chance to pilot; otherwise, you will end up as Engineers. Don’t get me wrong, all of the roles are pretty cool and the ride is awesome from any seat, but the two times we rode it as a family of four, we got to be the Pilots and/or Gunners and the couples without kids were put in the Engineer seats.

I’m sure there were a lot of tiny details I didn’t fully appreciate as I walked around Batuu. However, I still dropped my jaw plenty of times while taking in all the magic they managed to create and how dedicated every Cast Member is to staying in character.

A few final tips: If you’re like me and don’t know how to read the native alphabet, make sure to pick up a decoder guide on the way in. Also, there are some strategic cool down areas around Batuu that can help on our 90+ degree days. Find a fan to stand in front of while you take in all the craftsmanship that went into making us feel like we are truly there.

Before I leave you, I just want to say how freaking amazing their plant-based meal is at Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo. It’s called the Felucian Garden Spread (plant-based Kefta, herb hummus, tomato and cucumber relish, served with pita) and it is as delicious as it is beautiful to look at. It is by far my favorite vegetarian option I have ever had in a quick service location in Walt Disney World. My husband loved the Smoked Kaadu Ribs and the presentation was also lovely- especially for quick service.