Capturing Your How & Why

Small Business & Brand Storytelling

connecting your audience to your story

Your How & Why is Your Value Proposition

In a world with global competition and immediate need, loyalty comes from an appreciation for your method as much as your final result.

You need images that go beyond what’s available in stock photography. We will create unique imagery that tells the story of your passion, mission, and most importantly the human element behind what you do.


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Together we will help you and your brand stand out, not blend in with images that connect with your audience without feeling forced or inauthentic.

I want your images to fit your style, not mine. The photographic techniques used for your session will be appropriate for the look and feel you desire.

Color profiles, tones, and depth can also be adjusted during editing to ensure your images convey the right mood and compliment your brand’s color palette.

Content That Works

Our goal is to capture contextual imagery that answers the Who, What, Where, When and Why of you and your business.

  • What is your brand’s purpose?
  • How will you serve that purpose?
  • Who will you be serving and how do you connect with them?
  • Where is your brand available?
  • Why were you compelled to start this brand?
  • When is your brand most purposeful?

What Will We Capture?

Who You Are (Professional)

Environmental portraits you or those that represent your business in their element and mostly camera-aware.

Who You Are (Personal)

Lifestyle portraits in a casual look; may include important people or things in your personal life; location is your actual or simulated personal space or a favorite public place to spend time.

What You Do (Professional)

Documentary images made in your work environment (could be simulated if privacy is an issue) and actively working so the images tell your story; may include other subjects posing as clients or co-workers, details of your work tools or products.

What You Do (Personal)

Candid images of you in your personal environment (or simulated environment) to tell your viewers more about the person they may be doing business with; detail images of things that matter to you

shopping for macaroons

Brand Building


Up to 6 hours on location, a complete collection of web-friendly images via download and 5 year licensing agreement for print/marketing of 10 images of your choosing.

Content Building


Up to 4 hours on location and 20 web-friendly images of your choosing via download.

Social Refresh


Up to 90 minutes on location or in studio with 10 web-friendly images of your choosing via download.


I would love to setup a call with you to discuss your business’ unique photography needs.