Everyone has a Story to Tell

For better or worse, we all have some sort of online presence that conveys to the world who we are and archives where we have been. Your public persona comes together based on what you choose share: words, pictures, and videos.

Then, there is your true story, as those closest to you know it. These are moments you were 100% engaged in- your heart, mind and being were all present and appreciating life as it happens and the people in it. It isn’t contrived, manipulated, or staged. It is the full realization of life is art. It deserves to be captured, printed, shared, and cherished.

A Family Story

In home sessions, especially with small children, are my absolute favorite! There are so many life-framing and fun things that happen while we are all comfortably going about our day that are absolutely treasured memories in the making. There are both full and half day session options to make sure we cover at least one of the routine times of day (morning and/or evening). How we spend the rest of the time is totally up to you! I promise this is the most laidback photography session you will ever have. Seeing your family captured in all of its unique glory will be something you and your children will appreciate for decades to come!

Not sure you’re ready for a half day session? I can meet you up at a place where you like to spend time as a family and document your time together. This session is usually scheduled for 90 minutes, but time can be added if you think the activity will run longer.

Anxious About 100% Candid? Don’t Be!

If this is your first documentary session, we can adjust our time to ensure we capture a few moments that are camera-aware and semi-directed as well as those that are 100% real. We will work with you in advance of your session to plan out activities that will allow us to capture authentic moments that won’t look staged or posed because they won’t be. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


A Vacation Story

A vacation to Central Florida is sure to be filled with laughs and ridiculously fantastic family memories. You spend so much time planning and stressing over everything being perfect, that you deserve to kick back and relax while you’re here knowing all the fun will be captured to share when you return home. I know first hand what it’s like to be behind the camera and sacrificing living 100% in-the-moment with the rest of your family for the sake of getting the picture. This doesn’t have to happen to you! I’m available to capture half, full or multiple days to best fit the coverage you want of your Central Florida vacation.


A Small Business or Branding Story

Don’t settle for stock footage to connect with your ideal customers when you can show them your unique value proposition through visual storytelling. Our brand investments are 100% customized to fit your needs.

We offer packages strictly for online use or ones that also include images for print and other marketing campaigns. Every session is tailored and thoroughly planned to ensure we produce impactful and captivating imagery.