Capturing Your How & Why

Documentary Family Photography

all the emotion and sincerity of your family

Real Life Is Beautiful

This style of family photography is for you if:

  • The thought of coordinated outfits is cute, but causes you more stress and anxiety than it’s worth
  • Someone in your family (or everyone) has rolled their eyes or felt uncomfortable following a photographer’s prompt or posing
  • You enjoy tailored and unique experiences and things that aren’t supposed to be one-size-fits-all


We are going to tell your true story, as those closest to you know it. Forever freezing real moments you were 100% engaged in- your heart, mind and being all present and appreciating life as it happens and the people in it.

It isn’t contrived, manipulated, or staged. It is the full realization of life is art. It deserves to be captured, printed, shared, and cherished.

Tangible Legacy

What we create together isn’t meant to exist only in the digital world. You know you want to bring your photos off of the computer, and appreciate my expertise and custom fine art products that you cannot get on your own.

When you commission family art from me, we will work together ahead of your session to talk about your story, what in that story you want reflected in the art, what the art could look like, where and how it will be seen and shared, and the different pricing options available all before you sign a contract.

What Will We Capture?

Your family does what they would normally do, the only difference is that I’m there to capture all of it: the emotions, the love, and the tiniest of details.


The initial financial commitment will be based on the photography time we need to tell your desired story. Included in the commission fee is a highlight slideshow, online proofing, and your choice of a select fine art piece with corresponding digitals or a fine art credit to invest as you choose.


Stories in excess of four hours or more have the option to add cinematic services. These extras range from video clips in your highlight slideshow (additional $500 commitment) to a short cinematic film set to music (additional $1250 investment).

girl considers sleeping with her favorite stuffy

Day in the Life


Up to 10 hours to document your family's typical day from waking up to bedtime. Includes a large album and up to 40 images or a $1500 fine art credit.

Half Day


Up to 4 hours to tell the story of your family's morning, afternoon, or evening routine. Includes a medium album and up to 30 images or a $1000 fine art credit.

Short Story


90 minutes of family time usually out of the house at a place you regularly enjoy together. Includes three standard fine art prints or a $300 fine art credit.

Life Moves So Fast

Year in the Life

Telling the unique story of the next twelve months

Learn More


I would love to setup a call with you to discuss your family’s unique photography needs. If you aren’t quite ready to chat, but want to learn more about the experience, check out this page.