Modern Muse

A customized photographic experience designed to document who you are in a creative or environmental portrait.

close up portrait of Ani Boer in front of
you are the muse

a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist


Melete is the muse of study or practice. What you do or have done in your life will be the inspiration for your creative portrait.

portrait of Layla Brisbois singer-songwriter based in orlando


Mneme is the muse of memory. We will rely on stories from your life as inspiration for your creative portrait.

portrait of Mona Chaudhry in front of family images


Aoide is the muse of song. We will use your passions as inspiration for your creative portrait.

color lead portrait of Ani Boer in front of

What Will We Capture?

Imagine your favorite magazine has asked to run a feature story about you and needs a set of images to pair with the story- that’s the goal. It’s an experience fit for a celebrity, but tailored just for you.

Every Muse client will have a planning meeting where we have the opportunity to collaborate on the creative aspects of the portrait. I’ll take what we discussed and design a few concepts to pitch you that include a budget and time estimation, so you can pick what fits you best.


There is an initial, non-refundable concept fee of $250 to start the process. Depending on the concept selected by the Muse, some additional expenses may need to be covered before the session; however, a full budget will be presented and agreed to at the time the contract is signed.

Once the session is complete, you will be presented with your image collection and options for printing your images. The average total investment in this custom photographic experience is $1750.

Treat Yourself

I originally designed this offering with all my wonderful mom friends in mind, but it can be the perfect gift to give yourself before or after any life shift.

Women especially have so many societal pressures that get in the way of them being able to fully appreciate how marvelous and multi-faceted they are. There are so many ways to define a woman, so I wanted this to be your way of controlling the narrative.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a collaboration between you (the subject) and me (the artist). The goal will be to make images that share a bit of your true essence- something we will work ahead of time to identify. The exact direction we go: conceptual/magical, glamour/femininity, natural/honest – it’s up to you.

In order to be a true Muse, I must know a bit about you. You aren’t just a model stepping into a stylized scene that you have no control over. We will have two meetings before the session (these can be virtual).

The first will be a get-to-know-you meeting where we discuss your goals and vision. I also will go through some questions that help me build out some unique concepts for you. This is also the time where the non-refundable concept fee is due.

The second meeting is where I go over the ideas I put together, the budget and time needed for each concept, we agree on one idea, put dates on the calendar, and sign the contract.

Every great piece of art starts with an idea that needs to be nurtured. Creating a fine art photograph or series will carry upfront expenses. The $250 is the non-refundable creative fee that is your investment in the intellectual property of each concept I create for you.

The total investment will vary from person to person depending on how you want to display your final images. Most Muse clients opt for one of the portfolio boxes or an album with their favorite image printed to display as wall art. On average the total investment is around $1750.