Make Art from Your Memories

Just Four Steps to Family Art

My clients know they want their images on the wall or in an album, and they appreciate my expertise. It is my responsibility to design and present the best options so you aren't left to DIY something that is meant to be appreciated for generations to come. I do my best to tailor the experience to every client so our collaboration seems effortless.

Step One: Consultation

We will discuss the type of family art you would like to create and the amount of photography time needed to make sure the art will tell your story. If you aren’t quite sure exactly what that is yet, we’ll talk through it and get there!


Nothing is cookie cutter about what I do. So, the more you share about your why, the more I can tailor your experience and the resulting art.

Q & A

I want to make sure we're a great fit from the start. My promise is to candidly answer your questions about the total investment and everything included therein.

Step Two: Preparation

It’s time to make things final.

You will receive access to our client portal. Here you will have on-demand access to all documents necessary for our collaboration.

In order to confirm your session, a $250 retainer for each day you would like to reserve will be required along with the signed contract.

As we get closer to the actual session, I will be in touch to fine-tune any plans still left open.

If you have opted for a DocuStyle session, I will ensure the weather and location are fitting, assist with wardrobe questions, and finalize the activity portion of the session.

Step Three: Session Day!

It’s time for you to make memories while I work to make them art. Short Story and DocuStyle sessions will always start with full family introductions. Day in the Life sessions could be us quietly meeting just one or two family members before everyone else wakes up.

Either way, I will hopefully have enough info about everyone ahead of time to make quick connections with each person.


A great image is rarely made in a single click of the shutter. Your final collection will be carefully curated so that the you're seeing the best images to meet your goals.


Seeing your images becomes another collaborative experience and not just a link in an email. Your reveal session will be scheduled to occur around your schedule within two weeks of your session.

vintage album

Step Four: Delivery

Your reveal session will include a highlight slideshow, sample art creations based on your art desires, and a full collection walk-through with your top image selections. In most cases we will determine your art piece(s) before the session ends with a final proofing to happen within 48 hours before sending off the order.

Delivery varies based on the art piece and could take between two and ten weeks from the date your order is placed.