The Creation of Your Legacy

Family & Vacation Stories

Commissioning Family Art

Your up front financial commitment will be based on the photography time we need to tell your desired story. This entire commission will be applied towards your final art piece(s). The commission of a morning, afternoon, or evening session is enough to cover an album, should that be your goal.

Multi-Day Stories – starting at 3250

Day in the Life Story (10 hours) – 1750

Morning, Afternoon, or Evening (4 hours) – 975

Short Story (90 min) – 500

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We are going to tell your true story, as those closest to you know it. Forever freezing real moments you were 100% engaged in- your heart, mind and being all present and appreciating life as it happens and the people in it. It isn’t contrived, manipulated, or staged. It is the full realization of life is art. It deserves to be captured, printed, shared, and cherished.

Tangible Legacy

What we create together isn’t meant to exist only in the digital world. My clients know they want to bring their photos off of the computer, and they appreciate my expertise and custom fine art products that they cannot get on their own. My pricing is structured so you have a clear idea of your total investment in your art prior to our session.

When you commission family art from me, we will work together ahead of your session to talk about your story, what in that story you want reflected in the art, what the art could look like, where and how it will be seen and shared, and the different pricing options available.

Anxious About 100% Candid? Don’t Be!

If this is your first documentary session, we can adjust our time to ensure we capture a few moments that are camera-aware and semi-directed as well as those that are 100% real. We will work with you in advance of your session to plan out activities that will allow us to capture authentic moments that won’t look staged or posed because they won’t be. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

You don’t have to plan outfits, clean your house, or go shopping for your session because your real life is the session.

All we need, you already have. How we spend the time is totally up to you! I promise this is the most laidback photography session you will ever have.


Cinematic Additions

You may choose to add to your story from an array of cinematic options onto any commissioned photographic art.

Sample Films

Documentary Film

Your story set to music with audio snippets that capture little voices and sounds of delight.

Cinematic Film

A sweet montage of your moments set to music.

Enhanced Slideshow

Add film clips to your family slideshow.

Connect With Authentic Imagery

Small Business & Branding Investment

Don't settle for stock footage to connect with your ideal customers when you can show them your unique value proposition through visual storytelling. Our brand investments are 100% customized to fit your needs.

We offer packages strictly for online use or ones that also include images for print and other marketing campaigns. Every session is tailored and thoroughly planned to ensure we produce impactful and captivating imagery.


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