The Cook Family of four (including their fur baby, Chasey) are such a pleasure to capture every year! We used to go and meet at a park for a lifestyle photography session, but this year they were interested in an in-home documentary photography session.

Their little one is dinosaur obsessed and knows more than 15 of their full scientific names- Thank you Dino Dana! He spends a lot of his playtime creating jungle sets and performing for himself in the mirror. He has grown so much in the four years since his newborn session!

In-Home Session for an Only Child

Almost all of my families that reach out about a documentary family photography session worry about two things: the cleanliness of their house and their inability to be interesting. Parents of only-children tend to worry less about the clean house and more about capturing the uniqueness of their family.

While it’s true that more funny, light-hearted moments tend to happen when their are more funny, light-hearted people around; parties of four or more aren’t necessary for great images. The great thing about sessions with an only child are that we get to spend our time focusing on the parent-child, parent-parent, and child-pet relationships a bit more in addition to the family unit as a whole. They may be quieter moments, but they are just as special and filled with love as a sibling-sibling moment will be.

If you’re worried about what we could possibly capture during an in-home documentary family session, please fill out our contact form so I can reach out with more info.