Frequently Asked Questions

For most of our sessions, we can probably get you booked within one-two months of your inquiry. Around the winter holidays and school breaks tend to be our busiest times, so I would recommend contacting us as early as three months out, if one of those time periods is your goal.

Yes, we can, as long as it works with the goal of the story we are trying to tell. We will bring additional light and light modifiers that we feel are necessary to shoot at your chosen location. Additional costs associated with necessary permits or studio rentals will be in addition to our session fee.

Depending on your type of session and what is included, you should expect to see your images via a proofing gallery within 30 days of a standard session. Some requests will require additional time and attention and that will be discussed with you before agreeing on the contract. Products will vary on delivery time. Prints are usually delivered within two weeks, and larger items and/or albums can normally be expected within eight weeks of your order.

We do! We can talk one-on-one about how to balance the session in a way that you feel comfortable with so that you get the pictures you have in mind and the ones that you may not realize how much you want. 🙂 Because we still own and operate a successful wedding photography business, we are well versed in creatively capturing unplanned moments as well as posing for an unposed, lifestyle look.

To sum it up, the term “lifestyle” in regards to photography started as a way to further define commercial photography away from fashion photography. It is a situation that is meant to look like real life moments, but the photographer has guided the people into position, picked the location and time of the shoot for ideal lighting, and has almost full control of everything in the frame.

Documentary photography, true to the term, is real life captured as the photographer/cinematographer sees it. He or she can control what is in frame and the lighting only by adjusting themselves, not the subject or what is happening. Some documentary photographers will utilize on and off camera lights to better control the light quality; however, in a home setting working with children, additional artificial light (flashes) are a huge distraction to getting natural moments captured. For this reason, we prefer not to use them.

How much you spend will vary on the length of your session and what is included; however, most of our clients will invest between $500 and $1350 when factoring in the initial session time and print products.

We do encourage our clients to print their images, especially our family clients. We offer a complete product line from world-renowned printing and album companies. We send a copy of our catalog along with our proposal, so there are no surprises in regards to a possible total on your investment.