Frequently Asked Questions

For most sessions, I can probably get you booked within one to two months of your inquiry and sometimes can entertain last-minute requests. It never hurts to ask!

Around the winter holidays and school breaks tend to be our busiest times, so I would recommend inquiring as early as three months out, if one of those time periods is your goal.

I offer more payment options when there is more time between your contract date and the session. I will reserve dates up to a year out.

Yes, I can, as long as it works with the goal of the story we are trying to tell. For our commercial and muse clients, additional light and light modifiers may be necessary depending the chosen location. Additional costs associated with necessary permits or studio rentals may be in addition to the session fee.

Depending on what story we are telling and how, you should expect to see your images in a reveal session within 14 days of your session. Some requests will require additional time and attention and that will be discussed with you before agreeing on the contract. Fine Art will vary on delivery time. Prints are usually delivered within two weeks, and larger items and/or albums can normally be expected within eight weeks of your order.

I do! I can talk one-on-one about how to balance the session in a way so you feel confident that you will get the pictures you have in mind and the ones that you may not realize how much you want. 🙂  I am well versed in creatively capturing unplanned moments as well as offering some direction for an unposed, lifestyle look.

How much you spend will vary on how you wish to tell your story; however, most of our clients will invest between $1250 and $3000 on their custom pieces.

I will never just give you digitals with zero direction on how to best use them to tell your story. My expertise extends beyond the camera, and I am here for you from start to finish as you would expect when you commission any custom art.

I’m proud of my cultivated product line from world-renowned printing and album companies. If what you want isn’t in my current offerings, but you have a style and look in mind, I will make it happen!

Because the final art is the reason you are hiring me over another photographer, we will discuss everything available and the cost of each piece before you sign a contract. Our collaboration is key to making custom art that your family will love, and I don’t want any surprises.

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My own home is in a constant state of chaos and never feels ready for pictures, BUT sometimes the best moments happen in that chaos. I would be kicking myself if I let the messiness of life keep me from photographing my life!

The same is true about my appearance most days- there is at home with my family “me” and out to an event “me.” The me at home isn’t what gets photographed (usually) during posed family portraits, but it is the “me” my boys love spending time with and will remember me looking like 90% of their lives.

If that still doesn’t feel comfortable for you, then we can plan our session outside of your home and after you have had a chance to complete your morning routine. After all, I want you to really love what we make together!