My kids love the scavenger hunts at Disney! Year-round each park has at least one that’s free of charge, but only available during certain hours of the day. Additionally, every EPCOT festival has a themed hunt that rewards your completion with a small gift- all you have to do is buy the map and place the stickers as you walk the World Showcase. Well, this year Festival of the Arts has two hunts to complete and one of them is free and can be done all day long!

Chalk it Up

Figment and a group of artists went around the showcase and painted a famous sidekick on a building in each country in chalk. Every character is on an outside wall, so you aren’t limited to the store hours. This is a great opportunity to make this a photo scavenger hunt and let your kids use their cameras to complete the challenge. If you’re able to visit during the festival and want to give it a try, I included an image of each of the characters I found in the carousel below. I tried to make sure it doesn’t give away the location; however, one of them is impossible to be inconspicuous. If you don’t want the hints, skip the flipping through the pictures.


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