When it came time to discuss my annual session with The Cooks, Nicole knew she wanted to head to SeaWorld. It was a new favorite place to spend time as a family. Being there brought so much joy to their son, and our sessions are always scheduled around his birthday. Usually we spend about 90 minutes at home or a place they like to hang, but this time we planned to go as long as their five year old son could hang.

Session Details

The day itself was overcast. I was worried about crowds because we were meeting there just days before the end of the year, but was pleasantly surprised.

Unlike the Disney parks down the street, SeaWorld opened part of the park at 9 am and then allowed access to other areas between 10 and 11. This meant that the larger crowds didn’t pour in until after 11. Awesome! We made the most out of those first two hours.

Sesame Street was tops for this five year old. We knocked on Oscar’s garbage can, spun around in Big Bird’s nest, and even launched high into the air on Cookie Monster’s ride.

As for the animals, we stopped by the dolphin nursery, went through the Manta aquarium, and saw the orca show at Shamu Stadium. But, the main point of fascination was the shark tank!

Last, but not least, were the carnival games. Not one, but TWO toys were won! What a lucky kid!

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