I’ve been lucky enough to capture a lot of the major milestones for these high school sweethearts. This post contains highlights from their recent maternity photography session. Over the last decade I also captured their engagement, wedding, first pregnancy and birth of their daughter. It has been an honor to be by their side with my camera.

Bethany and Jason have also been with me through my journey as a photographer. I’m glad they were open to a hybrid maternity session that combines documentary family photography with lifestyle photography.

Planning a Hybrid Session

We knew we wanted to start at their house and capture some moments of their daughter as the only child in the house- the way it had been for four years. Her current favorite thing to do is wrestle with daddy, and I was right there to capture her ear-to-ear, gorgeous grin. Before we left for the beach, she showed me how fast she rides on her scooter and just how much she had grown- needing to update her fishing rods.

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We left for the beach in time to capture some beautiful sunset pictures of the family of three + bump. Here are some of my favorites from their session.