Last year I had the pleasure of capturing the Marks Family during a typical Saturday morning in Orlando. It was their first experience with the documentary style and dad (Christian) was a little unsure about the idea of a photographer being around for four hours. He quickly warmed up as soon as he realized this wasn’t really a “session” as he had known them to be.

He could wear what he wanted, hang on his phone a bit during downtime, didn’t have to smile at my camera, or take any direction from me. He was a fan and the unique images that resulted are now hanging in their home.

So, when Christian’s mom and sister planned a beach weekend with the whole family coming together, Christy inquired about hiring me to capture a full day for them at the Vero Beach rental home. This time it was Christian’s mom, Nancy, that was a little weary about having a photographer with them for 12 hours, but once again, I made a new fan!

Session Details

As we approached the weekend we were threatened by Hurricane Isaias off the coast and were worried what it could mean for our day. We got lucky and the storm slowed and moved more east.

The waves were strong, so the kids stayed out of the ocean, but we had fun collecting shells along the shore in the morning and then flying kites after dinner.

During the middle of the day we ventured out to McKee Botanical Gardens, played in the pool at the house, and they played a few competitive rounds of UNO.

It was just as busy as it was relaxing, and the memories made during the COVID-friendly weekend getaway were special.

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