I have a special place in my heart for fellow Orlando locals that love and take advantage of living so close to Walt Disney World. Like us, their oldest child is now in elementary school, so weekday trips to the Magic Kingdom usually don’t include the entire family. Karen planned an after school trip to the Magic Kingdom and invited me to come along to photograph what an afternoon in the park looks like for their family.


With not much daylight to spare, we started with a ride for the big kids on The Barnstormer. Next, the whole family got dizzy on the Tea Cups. From there, it was over to Adventureland for their first climb through The Swiss Family Robinson’s Treehouse and a Magic Carpet ride. To finish up the perfect afternoon in Magic Kingdom, Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars and a ride on Prince Charming’s Carousel.


Yes, their family will have plenty of memories made in Disney World – there will probably be entire islands in their memory banks devoted to it (Inside Out reference for true Disney/Pixar fans); and now there will be actual printed images to match and define those memories! It’s such a treat to make these for them!


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