Safety & Well-Being Are Everything

COVID-19 Updates

We are truly writing history with every passing day, and the generations that follow us will want to know what this time was like for us.

Here’s an overview of the procedures we will follow to make sure we have a safe experience for all.

Available Sessions

Day-in-the-life sessions where we will be indoors for extended periods of time will be booked more than seven days between one another. Retainers are 100% refundable up to three days before your session. If the coronavirus situation worsens or it is still unsafe for us to work together inside your home on the week of your session, we will reschedule/cancel your session (whichever is appropriate considering the circumstances).

Masks & Distance

I'll meet you outdoors, wearing a mask, and shooting from more of a distance than I normally would. If we are in a place that also requires you to wear a mask, we will have to follow their requirements. If we are on your private property or where masks are not required, you all can be mask-free, if you choose; however, I will still wear one for your protection.


I want to make sure I am available to those that would like my services. There are a lot of positive moments happening among the chaos (quality family time, home improvements, staycations, discovering new talents, and enjoying simple pleasures). I'm going to do my best to protect you and myself if we work together. I wish that alone would eliminate all risk, but I ultimately cannot promise that.

Limiting Spread

Indoor sessions will be booked at least 7 days apart from one another to try to reduce possible "webs" I could create by spending long periods of time with multiple families.