I first “met” Karen Millsap via correspondence through our realtors- we were buying the house in Winter Garden, FL that she was selling. Lucky for our family, the neighborhood we moved to is tight knit and Karen visited neighbors frequently from her new house in the next neighborhood over. I think it was only a few months in our new home that we had the pleasure of meeting in person. Karen’s spirit was infectious and she always lifted the level of fun with each visit.

That was four years ago now, and over those four years she and I both ventured into new businesses that happened to meet a need that each of us had. Karen, having lost her husband to gun violence shortly before putting her house on the market in 2014, took her life changing experience and found strength and passion to help others through similar circumstances. Without notice she became a single parent that needed to support her family while grieving the loss of her husband. She learned through her own experience how important it is to tell care of yourself physically and mentally as you work through the emotions of grief.

Planning the Session

Karen was in prep mode to launch her own support program called soul care and a wellness group called gro.flo. She needed content for her website and social media marketing that would sustain her for awhile. This meant we were shooting multiple looks with seasonal (well, Florida “seasonal”) clothing. She wanted to convey joy, peace, and hope. Her brand colors are greens, blues, and grays. During our planning discussion we decided downtown Winter Garden would be ideal. The area is where she conducts most of her business and also where she makes so many great memories with her family and friends.

Session Details

We had a blast roaming the beautiful streets and shooting with the blooming wisteria behind her. These purple flowers around the fountain are not to miss when they are in full bloom (we were there in February). Sticking with her brand look was important. We didn’t have a defined route map, but we knew of a few key places we wanted to stop. The session ended with a couple planned formal portraits in front of a plain grey backdrop.

When you book a branding photography session with us, we have you complete a pretty thorough workbook to flush out the type of imagery we need to capture to fit your brand and target your ideal clients. The session itself is very flexible and can contain any or all of the following: documentary/storytelling images, environmental portraits, lifestyle and details.  Please fill out our contact form to request a consultation.