Chapin Station Park in Winter Garden is one of my favorites to take my kids to play. It’s also the perfect park to host a birthday party at because you can reserve a covered pavilion with lots of seating just off the 2 to 5 year old playground. Logan and I went to Paisley’s party while my husband took Simon to another party that same day.

I decided to bring my camera along to capture the fun since I never have the time to take the pictures I want to when we host our kids’ parties. I think everyone should hire a birthday party photographer- and I’m not just saying that as a documentary family photographer. We work so hard to plan and host these parties, and many times our kids make it into adulthood and barely remember the party let alone the efforts we made. Have it documented!

When we arrived Paisley was already off and playing. She had on these adorable, glittery shoes, but they were rubbing the wrong way. (A girl has to learn early that the prettiest shoes are always the most painful.) Logan quickly ran off and worked up a sweat in our warmer than usual Florida weather. I spent the next hour taking pictures of the party guests playing.

The kids were of varying ages and skillsets which made for some fun pictures. I think my favorite moment happened when the piñata came out. There is always something a little off about kids swinging a bat at an animal or favorite movie character. But putting that aside, the kids always put their all into every swing. My son was next in line to take a turn, when another boy swung hard and fully decapitated the unicorn. I think he even surprised himself. Check it out in the highlights!