Janelle and I started talking about capturing her family back in the summer of 2019. Initially, the plan was to hang out together on one of their weekend trips to Walt Disney World Resort. We knew September and October might be a bit too muggy still for long hours outside, so we started looking into time after the holidays. We put the first week of January as a tentative spot on the calendar.

Over the next few months, their trips to Disney became shorter bits with a guaranteed meltdown happening from their two year old. I reassured Janelle that I’ve seen it all, but she hoped to capture the kids when they were comfortably being themselves. We agreed that an at home session would allow that to happen.

Their calendar was busy! Lots of different activities throughout the week and weekend for this family of five. Monday after school, with only piano lessons at home on the calendar, was the best day of the week to capture a “typical” evening for the family.

Session Details

I met Janelle at her house a few minutes before she had to leave for school pickup. The three kiddos attend schools close by, so she loaded up the stroller with the older kids’ scooters and off we went with Nala (their dog) also in step.

The kids got the option of going to the park before or after dinner- and they chose before. After a quick stop at home to grab a snack and drop off backpacks, we headed to the park and playground.

As you can imagine, the evening finished up with some homework for their oldest, dinner at the table, piano lessons, and then the bedtime routine. Janelle and Jason have the routine down to a science. Their ability to divide and conquer and then come together at the end to listen to their son read was such an awesome thing to witness. I imagine it is tough to be outnumbered by your kids- each at a different stage of what needs need fulfilled. They do it so beautifully!

This session happened about two months before we were all confined to our homes. What this time has taught me is that although the outside world has paused, inside the world very much goes on for our kids. How they will remember this time is our responsibility. To them, this time is an opportunity for more family meals, extra playtime, game nights and campouts. After all this ends, I’m hoping you have some new at home traditions that you’ve come to treasure and then call me over to capture them. It would be my pleasure!

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