Looking vs. Seeing

In the Frame

We all want to be recognized for the space we hold on this earth- valued for not just what we do, but why we do it. I am passionate about doing just that for the people that come into my life.

The human experience is rarely a solitary one, yet it is so unique to each person even within a family.

How we experience life and what we bring forward to others changes with time and the people we are with.

I see you, the individual and you, the unit; and I'm honored to be there to document all of it.

boy puts hands up on Slinky Dog
My husband rides next to our youngest son for his first ride on Slinky Dog.
grandfather shows grandsons how to make greek cookies
My sons learn how to make Greek Christmas cookies with my dad and Yiayia.
It Matters


I truly believe there is more value in the everyday moments than in the forced, practiced smiles of standard portraits.

A traditional annual family portrait session specifically designed to get you an image for a holiday card will capture what you all looked like that year.

A session with me will capture what it feels like to be your family at this stage in your lives together.

This is my why- the reason I put my focus on delivering poetic, genuine, real moment imagery that makes for meaningful, heirloom art pieces.

Everyone Starts Somewhere

My Photography Experience

I know it’s cliche, but photography has always been a part of my life. My dad owned a photography studio and gifted me my first Nikon SLR at 16- I still have that F4 in my collection.

Professional Start

I spent more than a decade documenting love stories under the Sona Photography brand. As I ventured further along in my own journey, I found that there is so much more to a person's story leading up to and beyond their wedding day that should be documented beautifully and made into everlasting art.

Why Documentary

Thanks to technology, we're all photographers making the tough decision day-in and day-out to live it or capture it (forfeiting our chance to be an active part of a memory).

I aim to be the solution to that problem so more parents can get in thoughtfully made pictures that will allow memories to be relived time and time again.

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