Collage and title image for 10-min photo challenges for kids

Fun Photography Activities to Try with Your Kids

You know the old phrase “practice makes perfect.” Well, when it comes to kids and photography, time with your camera and a little inspiration is all you need! Here are some fun 10-minute activities to inspire the artists of all ages in your home!

    1. Pick one person or thing and take 10 different pictures of it without changing its position (you can move all around it, above it, below it, but cannot move the subject)
    2. Find and capture one item for every color in the rainbow and take a close-up, mid-length, and full-length image of each
    3. Pair up with someone and play “Simon Says” – capture them on the move as they complete the action
    4. Move around the room/area you’re in and take a picture after every 10 steps until you have captured 20 images. You cannot take a picture of the same thing more than once.
    5. Pick one person and take them outdoors to take three portraits of them using a different direction and/or quality of light in each one
    6. Pair up with someone and try to capture them as they run, walk, scoot, bike, skip, or hop past you
    7. Pick a letter of the alphabet and capture as many things as you can that start with that letter
    8. Take pictures of things that start with or look like each letter in your name
    9. Take a photo of a person or thing that tells a story

Review & Thoughtful Reflection

Take a few minutes after the activity to review the images your child made and discuss ask a few questions to inspire further growth:

    1. Why did you choose take this picture or series of pictures?
    2. What do you like about it?
    3. What does the photo make you feel?
    4. Does it tell a story or does it capture a person or thing?
    5. Was it a posed/staged or candid moment?
    6. If you could take one more picture to go along with it, what would that picture look like?
    7. Would you do anything differently next time?
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