What is Documentary?

Documentary photography means no posing, no saying “cheese” or forcing smiles and eyes at the camera. There isn’t prompting of so-called “organic” moments. It’s just you being you, and me making pictures as unobtrusively as possible.

Artful Storytelling

We specialize in making imagery that tells your unique family, vacation, or small business story. We have over a decade in experience creating art out of candid moments and have a full array of products and guidance on how to beautifully share these moments in your home.

A Little Magic

Luck favors the prepared, and what might seem like lucky captures is actually skill on full display. We will do all the work to make sure you have wonderful memories to treasure forever while you get to enjoy your day!

photographer at work
Stephana Ferrell

My Why

I grew up with a camera in hand, looking for ways to capture those in my life in an artistic, yet honest way. My dad owned a photography studio and gifted me my first Nikon SLR at 16- I still have that F4 in my collection.

It’s not all that coincidental that as I was giving up the idea of perfection in parenthood for my own sanity, I fell in love with a style of photography that pushes me to work with what I have and let go of the conventional “perfect” family portrait. This is where it is at for me.

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Authentically You. Creatively Captured.

Real Life Storytelling

In-home family photography sessions are offered in half day and full day increments to make sure we are there to share in your morning and/or evening routine. We also offer 90 minute activity sessions at a location your family regularly goes to have fun and enjoy one another’s company. These sessions offer a lot of customization options including carving out 20 minutes for family and individual portraits and adding on cinematic elements.

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Put Your Phone Away

Vacation Storytelling

Working out of Central Florida, it is an incredible honor to capture magical, memorable Orlando theme park vacations. We love to start our sessions at your resort or we can meet you in the park of your choosing. We have a wide variety of packages that cover half day, full day, or multiple days here in Central Florida!

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Small Business & Branding Storytelling

Greater Orlando has a robust and growing community of small businesses and creatives that truly make living here something special. Living in Winter Garden, we see and appreciate the benefits of having so many unique offerings at our fingertips. We love to plan and work with business owners to create a content building or marketing package that will result in captivating and highly-effective imagery geared to their target audience.

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kids run around at the park


We would love to set up a time to speak with you about your plans!