What is Documentary Photography?

Documentary photography means no posing, no saying “cheese” and forcing smiles and eyes at the camera. There isn’t prompting of so-called “organic” moments or meeting up at a random park and walking through tall grass (unless that’s what your family does for fun). You don’t have to shop for special outfits or force your husband into something he doesn’t want to wear. Documentary photography is all about capturing the beauty of life and making it into art.

girl hides under Lego table

Visual Storytelling

We specialize in making imagery that tells your unique family, vacation, or small business story. We have over a decade in experience creating art out of candid moments. Luck favors the prepared, and what might seem like lucky captures is actually our skills on full display.

We also pride ourselves on offering complete photographic services which includes an ordering consultation through to delivering your images in expertly printed form. Our Fine Art Product Catalog is filled with unique albums, wall art, and custom display boxes from GraphiStudio (a premier printer based out of Italy). All other print orders are fulfilled by White House Custom Color labs to ensure archival and HD fine art inks.

grandpa and grandson watch performer in EPCOT's Italy

Vacation Photography

Working out of Central Florida, it is an incredible honor to capture magical, memorable Orlando theme park vacations. We love to start our sessions at your resort or we can meet you in the park of your choosing. We have a wide variety of packages that cover half day, full day, or multiple days here in Central Florida!

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Documentary Family Photography

In home family photography sessions are offered at half day and full day increments to insure we are there to share in your morning and/or evening routine. Here are the most commonly asked questions about these particular sessions:

  1. Should a messy house be cleaned prior to our session? The answer: if your house is usually a bit (or a lot) messy, keep it messy. If your house is usually tidy, you’re amazing and you must tell me how you do it!
  2. Four plus hours is a long time, what if we’re not that interesting? Whether or not what you do every minute of the day would be considered “interesting” is not a concern at all. Your kids absolutely love their normal, everyday lives and the wonderful people in it. Down time is expected to happen throughout the day, but it is often in these moments, when everyone is left to their own devices (not literal devices), that the truly unique-to-a-particular-age things happen.
  3. Is this just for families with younger kids? Nope! Whether you’re a child-free couple, brand spankin new parents, a family with toddlers and young kids, a family with teens, or even empty nesters; this session is perfect for everyone. It’s all about chronicling your lives through different stages and capturing what’s unique about your relationships and your day-to-day.
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Small Business and Branding Photography

Greater Orlando has a robust and growing community of small businesses and creatives that truly make living here something special. Living in Winter Garden, we see and appreciate the benefits of having so many unique offerings at our fingertips. We love to plan and work with business owners to create a content building or marketing package that will result in captivating and highly-effective imagery geared to their target audience.